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Guidance of Business Tie-up

HD Flowerholdings group has recognized the creation of business and capital tie-up and partnership and merger & affiliation as one of key factors for our stratigies of business expansion.Each group company, holding to enhance its corporate values, tries to sustain continuously its independency of managementat the same time, intends to make effective use of management resources of other group companies in order to attempt to make co-prosperity relationship with them.

Under growing problems as lack of successor and labour shortage held in flower industry businesses,Our HD group proudly believe that carrying out harder our role and commitment could lead to help them to innovate their business platforms.

Our Group defines and recognizes ourselves to be a business group which is able to create new values and richness in our environments for culture of daily living and ceremonial events.

Related to business and capital tie-up affiliation with our Group, any contact and inquiry from you in the field of related industries are awaited and highly appreciated.

For more information of businesss tie-up
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