HD Flower Holdings Co., Ltd. has established in November, 1997. The establishment started with business operation made by Hanaizum Co., Ltd. which was founded as our group’s initial company.

Although our group has short history in our business circle since founded, but has made possible efforts to become as a general trading company in the flower and horticultural industry and to contribute on our industry’s development ranging the business field from production, distribution, processing, and whole sales.

What our group has been questing is “trust worthiness”. It should be emphasized that “trust worthiness” would be always required in every industry and society.

Because there are various subjects to be discussed for protection of global environment such as bursting population, global warming, energy, natural resources depravation, desert spreading and insufficient fresh water supply. The agriculture and horticulture fields including “food”, “healthy”, and “environment” have been gathering public interests year by year. The situation has been continuing to change drastically in the large winding trend of global economy. In such trend, our group is confident that our roles and responsibilities to make renovations in the fields of production, distribution, processing, and sales activities, should be more and more significant.

As indicating in our management guideline, constituting six main concepts, our group will hold much weight on two of them “maximize of consumer satisfaction” and “respect for individuals”, and will make full efforts to establish company organization that can regard well relation and tie with people as greatly valuable. A huge scale of our network between our clients and our group that so far has been developed becomes very strong advantage. It is our firm confidence that many splendid relations with clients, staff and vendors will be built further more for the future.

Agriculture and horticulture industries still are embraced by bleak circumstances, but your warm supports and cooperation are much encouraged us. Our group will strive for creating new values and rich environments for culture in daily living and ceremonial events. Further your kind and continuous advices and patronage are highly appreciated.

HD Flower Holdings Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
Masanori Morimoto